It’s easy to become a member

Three steps to becoming a Local Resources Network member:
Await approval
Pay fee
Connect collaborate

Complete the registration form

This will take about 10 minutes. The information you enter when you register forms the basis of your online profile. Members use this information to connect and collaborate with each other, so the more accurate and detailed it is, the better.

If you are asked to provide information about your services or past projects, be specific. This will help other members determine whether you have the skills and experience they are looking for.

You can register here.

Await approval

If you are a local advisor (consultant, auditor, trade union, civil society group, NGO, etc.) you must provide two professional references. References should be from companies you have worked with over the past two years and should be clients or partners who can verify the quality of your services and skills.

We will contact your referees directly to obtain the references. This stage may take some weeks. Be patient, we ́re working on it.

All registrations go through an approval process. We may ask you to clarify something in your profile or provide more information. 

Pay the fee

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to pay the annual fee – see our fee scale below. You can pay online via Stripe or larger enterprises can request an invoice.

When your payment is registered, we will activate your account and your profile will be visible to other members. We ́ll hassle you from time to time to make sure you keep your profile updated.

Annual membership fees:

Enterprise type

Annual membership fee

Employee/Worker association

Trade union



Employer/Business association

Industry initiative

Non-governmental organization





Buying company

Academic institution

£150 for IEH, ETI, DIEH members

£300 for non-members

Governmental body

Multi-stakeholder initiative



If you select Other, we will determine the appropriate fee level for your enterprise.

Note: Local NGOs can apply for a fee waiver based on their size and financial status.
Please email us at to apply for the fee waiver.

The Local Resources Network reserves the right to review fees periodically.


Now that you are officially a Local Resources Network member you can search for partners to find the expertise you are looking for and connect and collaborate with other members.

You can learn more about sustainability and supply chain risk in the countries you operate in, and find out more about some of the local projects and initiatives that are working on the issues you care about, in the countries where you have supply chain operations.

We want your business to succeed and are keen to tell our members about the great work you are doing. All members can send us blog articles to publish and we often invite members to present in our webinars or workshops. 

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